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Representative Program

Hello SECA Clubs/ Families,


Welcome to those invited for SECA REP trials.


The objective of our Representative program is to afford ‘emerging talent’ the opportunity to play at a higher level against other cricket associations via the VMCU carnival.

-More specialized coaching/ advice/ skill development

-Playing in a side with more focused roles and responsibilities

-Helping develop cricketers for higher honors/ pathways

All underpinned by creating new friendships and having some ‘cricketing’ fun !

SECA will field 7 x ‘Rep’ (male) teams across junior age groups U12x2 / U14x2/ U16x2 /U18 at the annual VMCU Carnival.

For specific teams info, please click on the relevant age tab in juniors menu above.

VMCU Carnival Dates 2025: *Estimated* Monday 6th January > Sunday 19th January (Grand-Final)

SECA REP Timeline-

-Clubs provide names of players to SECA Juniors > August

*Note- ONLY players nominated by their club, will be accepted for trials

-Players MUST be registered to a SECA Juniors Club by end of August to be accepted into REP trials

-Trials commence > October (U14+16), November (U18)

-Squads finalised by mid-end of November

-Practice matches in December

-Carnival begins early January

*ANY  'Rep' cricket queries must go via your clubs Junior Co-Ordinator. 

For any other queries, please contact SECA Juniors Manager Nick Macmillan





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