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VMCU Carnival 2024

Hello SECA Clubs/ Families,


Welcome to those invited for SECA REP program for the VMCU Carnival season 2024


Please find below the list of the final 2 teams, for SECA U14 REP 

VMCU Carnival Dates: Monday 8th January > Sunday 21st January (Grand-Final)

VMCU Info -Click here

U14 Coaches-

Allen Shield – Josh Sugden

Nolan Cup - Tom Purcell & John Bailes

 Allen Shield

1.Archer Ballantine - Brighton CC

2. Khaevish Bhasin - Ormond CC

3. Will Chamberlain - Parkdale CC

4. Billy Jones - Elwood CC

5. Oscar Judd - Brighton CC

6. Angus Occhiuto - Hampton United CC

7. Cooper O’Meara - Le Page CC

8. Peter O’Malley - Ormond CC

9. Xavier Parris - Bentleigh CC

10. Harry Power - Hampton CC

11. Shlok Shanbhag - Ormond CC

12. Zach Van Der Nest - Parkdale CC

13. Ben Williams - Aspendale CC


Nolan Cup

1. Tyler Buckingham - Brighton CC

2. Angus Bramich - Cheltenham CC

3. Ned Bolton - Brighton Union CC

4. Tyson Beames - Le Page CC

5. Ethan Clarke - East Sandringham CC

6. Seb Dalrymple - Brighton CC

7. Henry Dyer - Beaumaris CC

8. Archie Denver - Le Page CC

9. Jack Henderson - Beaumaris CC

10. Henry Love - Brighton Union CC

11. Jonty Ryan - Beaumaris CC

12. Harry O’Sullivan - Brighton CC

13. Daniel Wells - East Sandringham CC


Best of luck to all for the upcoming carnival !!

We thanks all players/families for their efforts during the SECA Rep trials & wish them the best of luck for the SECA juniors season ahead & hope to see players back for trials in the future, for SECA rep programs.

For any other matters, please contact SECA REP manager Nick Macmillan



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